"Jackson Michigan's Husband and Wife Chiropractic Team"
Doctor Ann

Dr. Ann Schonhard


Dr. Ann was born and raised in Northwestern, PA.  She graduated from Youngsville High School in 1987.  After graduation she moved to Davenport, IA and attended Scott Community College.  She transferred to Palmer College of Chiropractic and graduated in 1992.  She has been recognized and certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners as being proficient in all levels of chiropractic.  She is also a member of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors


  • Diversified Technique - Diversified adjusting consists of a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust made by the chiropractor that commonly results in a faint "popping" sound.  The goal is to restore normal function in the spine.  The diversified chiropractic technique does not use any instrumentation other than the skilled hands of the chiropractor. 
  • Thompson Drop Technique - Thompson Drop is a low force chiropractic technique where the table "drops" away from the patient.  This technique allows the chiropractor to use less force to get the vertebra in alignment.  This very gentle chiropractic technique allows the patient to relax throughout their chiropractic adjustment which greatly reduces the probability of soreness post-adjustment.  Typically with this type of adjusting, you don't hear any "snapping" or "popping," you only hear the noise of the drop mechanism associated with the chiropractic table.  This technique works well for patients who do not like to hear the "noise" associated with some chiropractic techniques.  Thompson technique is used world-wide by chiropractors due to its comfort and effectiveness.  
  • Activator Technique - The Activator technique is a gentle, low-force technique.  The activator is a small spring-loaded, hand-held instrument.  The activator provides a precise, high-speed thrust that is gentle as well as comfortable to the chiropractic patient.   The activator is so fast it does not allow the muscles to resist making it a very effective chiropractic technique.  When adjusting with the activator, only a small click is heard from the tool.  From infants to the elderly, the activator technique is a low force, gentle, and very effective chiropractic technique.  
  • Craniosacral Technique - Craniosacral therapy is a subtle technique that involves very light touch to different points on the head and spine to increase the flow of craniosacral fluid.  Craniosacral fluid bathes the brain, spinal cord and the nervous system, and this fluid has a rhythmic flow similar to a pulse.  Restrictions in the flow of craniosacral fluid can lead to poor health.  Some of the more common symptoms effectively relieved with this therapy are: headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, TMJ, neck pain, and sciatic nerve pain.  In my chiropractic practice, this therapy is normally used in conjunction with chiropractic care when a difficult case is present.  

Dr. Ann's Passion

chiropractic farmMy passion for chiropractic started at an early age while growing up on our family dairy farm in Northwestern, PA.  I had 5 siblings and we led a conservative lifestyle and chiropractic care was always a part of it.

My aunt and uncle were both chiropractors.  Aunt Pheobe and Uncle Jean would come visit the farm and we would all line up for our adjustment.  I don't recall my age, but I do recall thinking, "That's what I'm going to do one day."

My Aunt Pheobe was first introduced to chiropractic as a child on the same dairy farm.  Her father (my grandfather) hurt his back and was bedridden for months.  Being the head of the dairy farm and laying on his back added a lot of stress within the family farm.  A potential spinal surgery loomed for my grandfather, and in 1940 spine surgery was life-threatening.

A local attorney and friend of his suggested chiropractic.  He had never been to a chiropractor and was skeptical.  His friend had to pay for his visit and my grandfather finally agreed to go.  He never did need the back surgery, and he was up walking and back to farming before too long.

This left such an impression on my Aunt Pheobe that she decided to become a chiropractor.  She attended Palmer School of Chiropractic before the name changed to Palmer College of Chiropractic, and met her husband at Palmer.  They graduated from Palmer in 1959, and in those days, a female chiropractor was rare.

My Aunt Pheobe has influenced 7 other family members to become chiropractors, and in 2009 relatives from around the nation came to Palmer College of Chiropractic to honor her for practicing chiropractic for 50 years.

A big part of the growth and acceptance of chiropractic has been turning skeptics (like my grandfather) into passionate advocates by personally experiencing the amazing results of chiropractic treatment. 

Curriculum Vitae

--1992 Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer College -Davenport, IA

--1993 Carrolltown, PA - associateship at Gormish Chiropractic Center
--1993 - present: Jackson, MI - private practice


--1990 - Certified, Clinical Orthopedics ofthe Lower Extremity Dr. M.R. Mally, Davenport, IA
--1991 - Certified, Clinical Orthopedics of the Upper Extremity Dr. M.R. Mally, Davenport, IA
--2005- Upledger Institute, Inc.-June 26, CranioSacral Therapy Level I
--2008- Upledger Institute, Inc.-March 30, CamioSacral Therapy Level II

Michigan Association of Chiropractors

1993- Palmer College
--Chiropractic Care for Children - 4 credits
--Congenital Anomalies and Variants - 4 credits
--Imaging of the Spine - 4 credits
--Low back Differential Diagnosis - 4 credits
--Tum Around Strategies for the 90's - 3 credits

1994- Romulus, MI
--Dr. Barry Markson for Risk Management: Exceeding the Standard of Care - 12 credits

1995- Romulus, MI
--Dr. Van Fotinopolis and Mr. Mark Bevilaqua for patient education, proper patient protocol and record keeping. - 12 credits

1996- Romulus, MI
--Dr. Peter Fysh for Chiropractic with Pediatrics- 12 credits

1996- Troy, MI
--By MCS-October 4,5,&6 for the Chiropractic Connection, New Doctor Seminar, Professional Boundaries and Medicare Seminar - 12 credits

1996- Jackson, MI - By MCS:
--V-Chiropractic Philosophy - Robert Gehly, D.C. 9/1/1996
--VI-Protect Your Back - Jerald Flynn, D.C. 10/911996
--VII-Surface EMG - Warren Atkinson, D.C. 11/13/1996

1997- Okemos, MI - By Palmer College of Chiropractic, 1/18/97 and 1/19/97
--Chiropractic Radiology #1 and Anomalies and Roentgenometries

1997- Jackson, MI - By District IIIMCS
--III-Applied Kinesiology - Dr. George Koffeman 3/1211997
--IV-Chiropractic Pediatrics - Dr. Donna Craft 4/9/1997 - 1/2 credit each

1997- Kalamazoo, MI - By District II/MCS on April 26-27th
--Advanced Imaging for the Chiropractor - Dr. Jan Martensen - 4 credits
--Pediatrics - Dr. Donna CraftlDr. Tracy Williamson - 4 credits
--Perpetual Practice - Gregg Stanley - 4 credits

1998- Grand Rapids, MI - June 6&7
--Nutrition in Infancy, Adolescence and Geriatrics as applied to Chiropractic. - 12 credits

1999- Lansing, MI - March 13th
--Chiropractic in Pediatrics - 6 credits

2000- Jackson, MI - January 19th
--A Chiropractic Intro to Body Consciousness - 1 credit

2000- Mt. Pleasant, MI - April 28-30th
--Michigan Chiropractic Society, Spring Convention - 15 credits

2000- Grand Traverse Resort - Oct. 27-29th
--Michigan Chiropractic Society, Fall Convention - 16 credits

2001- Mt. Pleasant, MI
--Michigan Chiropractic Society, Spring Convention - 12 credits

2002- Acme, MI
--Michigan Chiropractic Society, Fall Convention: HIPAA Compliance - 4 credits
--Chiropractic Keys to Adjusting - 4 credits,
--Thompson Technique - 4 credits

2003- Romulus, MI Sept.
--Dr. Wayne Zemelka, Thompson Technique - 12 credits

2004- Kalamazoo, MI, Oct.
--Michigan Chiropractic Society, Fall Convention - 14 credits

2005- Lansing, MI, March 12th
--Michael Hughes, D.C. - Clinical Presentation in Neurology Assessment - 12 credits

2005- Grand Rapids, MI, April 9 & 10th
--Fred Ulan, D.C., CCN, CDN Nutritional Response Testing - 12 credits

2005- Lansing, MI, June 23-26th
--Mable Sharp, MS, PT, CM, CST Craniosacral Therapy I - 24 hours

2006- Romulus, MI, Sept. 23-24th
--Dr. J.R. Justice - Chiropractic Research/Philosophy - 12 credits

2007- Mt. Pleasant, MI, 5-7th

--Maola: Radiology (pain management) - 4 credits
--Yochum: Chiropractic National Anthem/MRI - 4 credits
--Larsen: Sacro Technique & Craniopathy (adjusting technique and pain management) - 8 credits

2008- Livonia, MI, March 27-30
--Craniosacral Therapy through Upledger 24 hours, no approved CE's.

2008- Plymouth, MI, April 12
--Dr. Michael Dobbins, Standard Process Advanced Nutritional Therapies: Common Addictions and Obsessive Behavior - 9 credits plus 1 credit in pain and symptom management.

2008- Sept. 19-21st
--Michigan Association of Chiropractors Fall Convention 1 hour each of the following: Pain Management, Professional Ethics and Sexual Boundaries - 16 credits total

2009- Davenport, lA, Aug. 13-15

--Palmer College of Chiropractic - Ethics, Pediatric Adjusting, A Heartfelt and Humorous Look at Life's Transitions, The Four Test Screening Examination, The Four Secrets to Escaping the Passive Therapy Trap, Common Mistakes in Evaluation and Management of the Knee, Are You Ready!, Development of Higher Standards of Professional, What's New in the Oldies?, The "Noisy" Joint: Adjusting the Pronated Foot - 19 credits

2010- Ann Arbor, MI, March 18th
--Dr's. Lee and Dolecki, Mr. Kohn, and Mr. Alden - Insurance Billing, Documentation and Profiling - 10 credits

2010-Dearborn, MI, Oct. 1-3
--Dr. Dolbin and Dr. Yocum: Sports injuries, treatment and rehab. 3 credits.
--Plenary session - 1 credit
--Pediatrics - 4 credits
--Dr. Cohen - Ethics and boundaries 2 credits
--Ms. Ruark-Hoffman - HIPAA 2 credits


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