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Herniated Disc

At our Jackson, MI chiropractic clinic, we effectively treat “slipped discs”, herniated disc, disc prolapse, as well as intense sciatic nerve irritations that commonly accompany these disc lesions.

Between each vertebra in the lumbar spine (low back) there is a fibro-cartilaginous disc that acts like a cushion, shock absorber, and/or spacer (depicted in blue).  Each disc has two components: the central part of the disc has a gel like consistency (depicted in red) called the nucleus, and the outer ring of the disc (depicted in white) is a tougher, fibrous material with multiple layers adding to its strength.  The fibrous annulus (white) holds the gel nucleus (red) within its walls.

The walls of the annulus ring (white) commonly crack or tear.  The cracks or tears are warning signs of what will follow.  The early symptom of a crack or tear will normally be low back pain, sharp in character with forward bending.  The low back pain fades over time but the initial crack or tear starts the disc degenerative process.  Over time, this outer wall (white) gets weaker and weaker until, with some common daily activity, the annulus (white) ring breaks and the nucleus (red) bulges or herniates through the ring.  When the disc bulges into the vertebral canal it will irritate the spinal nerve and severe low back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and muscle spasm will often follow.

Other common signs or symptoms of disc herniation/disc prolapse/disc bulge:man with lower back pain

  •     Morning pain increased (difficult to put shoes/socks on)
  •     Coughing or sneezing increases low back pain, sciatica (leg pain)
  •     Difficult to get up from seated position
  •     Increased pain with sitting or standing
  •     Numbness, tingling into leg or foot
  •     Crooked, twisted posture, antalgic position
  •     Deep dull ache in buttocks, back of thigh, ankle/foot (sciatic nerve pain)

At our Jackson, MI, chiropractic office, we have the correct equipment and multiple chiropractic techniques that have been shown to be effective treatment with a variety of disc lesions.  Cox Flexion Distraction is a great chiropractic technique for these painful disc issues.  Cox Flexion Distraction technique was developed in the 1970s and has saved countless people suffering from disc prolapse, disc bulges, disc herniation, and from unnecessary surgeries.  Cox exercises will be prescribed for home use to speed healing time.  Dr. Eric has experience with Cox Flexion Distraction and has used it in his practice since 1993.  Discover the  experience of Schonhard Chiropractic effectively treated disc prolapse, disc bulges, and disc herniations since 1993.  Discover the Jackson Husband and Wife Chiropractic Team.

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