"Jackson Michigan's Husband and Wife Chiropractic Team"
Illustration of the Nervous System


Jackson, MI residents have been utilizing the skilled and experienced chiropractors at Schonhard Chiropractic since 1993 for diagnosis and effective treatment of sciatica. 

Sciatica usually begins as acute pain in the lower back and then extends down the back of the legs.  Symptomatology of sciatica vary from sharp, to dull, to cramp-like pain in one or more areas in the buttock, hamstring, calf, or foot. 

The most common cause of sciatica is irritation of the nerves that exit from the lower spine/tailbone area and come together to form the sciatic nerve.  The chiropractors at Schonhard Chiropractic are very knowledgeable in the different causes of sciatica and the correct chiropractic techniques to decrease this inflammation to the sciatic nerve.  Discover Schonhard Chiropractic - The Jackson Husband and Wife Chiropractic Team.

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