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Childhood Earaches

Earaches can cause excruciating pain in children and account for more than 35% of all pediatric visits.  When a pediatrician diagnoses a middle ear infection, the normal course of treatment is an antibiotic.  Antibiotics may initially help if the infection is bacterial, but many inner ear infections are viral.  Therefore, antibiotics will not be effective.  This cycle of care goes on until the parent realizes that the antibiotics are not the solution.  This is the time parents begin to look into different options for treatment and come to our Jackson, MI office. 

Dr. Ann Schonhard is an experienced chiropractor, and as such, she understands that the anatomy of a young child's inner ear is somewhat different than an adult's inner ear.  The child's Eustachian Tubes within the inner ear are shorter and more horizontal which makes drainage sluggish and difficult.  When the Eustachian Tubes don't drain properly, fluid backs up and infection sets in.  Chiropractic care mobilizes the drainage, which alleviates the fluid backup and infection.  The child's natural antibodies are then able to build up to aid in fighting the infection naturally. 

As a chiropractor, Dr. Ann examines the child to see if the inability to fight infection is caused by irritation of small nerves in the upper neck due to misalignment (sublux).  Slight occipital and/or upper neck misalignment (sublux) can cause irritation to these nerves that are leading into small muscle tissues in the neck.  This muscle tension can put pressure on the lymphatic ducts resulting in poor drainage. 

Discover the gentle and effective chiropractic care of Dr. Ann Schonhard, and the Jackson Husband and Wife Chiropractic Team. 

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